Rob Eden pens fountain pen with parchment

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Good Day Folks

Since I launched “ROB EDEN Handcrafted Pens we’ve grown and what a gratifying journey this is. I thank each and everyone for the support and reviews. Thus far we have created over a 150 pens in all different styles and colours. Its a speciality to create a masterpiece writing instrument and to see the end product is very gratifying.

We are now in two shops in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town, the Longbeach Mall Craft Shop & Suburban Guns in Plumstead. 

This past week we’ve been accepted on & were Im busy uploading products over the next few days, this is an easy way of buying an already made pen or to get an idea for your own custom made handcrafted pen.

More exciting news to come soon as we expand our selling platforms.

Sadly as the suppliers increase costs the pen prices need to be adjusted, but Im trying my best to keep it affordable, taking into account the time it takes to create each writing instrument with painstaking attention to detail. Pen prices will be adjusted towards the end of February so get your orders in soon.