Nautical Ballpoint

Antique Pewter Premium Nautical Twist pen here with Kiaat wood, also available in Antique Brass. This is such a classy pen and a MUST HAVE for any boating, shipping and marine enthusiasts. Choose your own colour/style and wood to make that perfect custom made handcrafted pen.


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Throughout history sailing has been instrumental in the development of civilization, affording mobility for trade, transport, warfare, and fishing. Though it’s greatest contribution has been to the many great explorations in the world. This pen captures the romance and adventure of old sailing ships. It has a captivating scene engraved on tip of a grand tall ship, while the end is embellished with the captain’s wheel and compass. Nautical rope accents can be found throughout and encircling the detailed Anchor clip, which given it’s history, is considered a symbol of well-grounded hope. Features a Parker® style refill. Plus the authentic patina and natural darkening of the Antique Brass brings out the details of the finish and creates a unique feel with a charm all its own. It will add a sense of warmth to your handmade creation.


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